When people engage in unique and
unconventional environments, great things can happen...

Who We Are

Who We Are

Whaam believes in the power of human relationships. Our unique South African identity drives our passion for bringing people and brands together to engage in unique and unconventional environments. Creativity and integrity is how we build these connections.

George-Marc Kairuz

Luke Sträter

Patrick James Wells

What We Do

What We Do



We learn everything about you. We work together to develop and define project goals and never forget about the future.


Now that we’ve learnt about you, we put pen to paper. We strive to create the best ideas that compliment your brands identity and always include you in the process.


You’ve been inspired by the creativity, and it’s time to bring it to life. We manage your campaign from build through to the implementation process. Now let’s get ready for the next one…


Face-to-face marketing

  • Exhibition Design
  • Online to Offline Strategy
  • Brand Activations

Unconventional Retail

  • Pop-Up Retail
  • Shop in Shop and Shopper Kiosks
  • Visual Merchandising Displays

Our Work

Our Work

Take a look at our latest projects.

Design Indaba

Design Indaba | MBOISA

A showcase of South African design excellence at Design Indaba 2017

Design Indaba

Whaam had the honor of implementing our design philosophies to create a showcase exhibit for the pinnacle of design in South Africa.

Design Indaba select 10 of the Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa to feature at their annual design exhibition and tasked Whaam to create the perfect environment experience.

The challenge here was to match the design excellence on display that would simply exalt and compliment the products showcased. The Whaam design team chose a minimalist steel structure that incorporated an industrial feel. Minimalism was used to avoid overpowering, and an Industrial feel was used to contrast the well-finished products on display within the environment. Suspended lighting fixed between the frameworks of the structure allowed us to amplify the beauty of each product in this walk-through, gallery style experience.

Design Indaba Design Indaba Design Indaba Design Indaba


weFix | Cape Gate Retail Kiosk

This kiosk project allowed whaam to explore new environments in which engaging retail spaces can be implemented.


Our design team enjoyed the challenge of translating our design philosophy for the weFix store environments into an unconventional kiosk application.

This materialized into an aesthetically beautiful unit utilizing high-end solid surfaces; large, glass encased product display areas and an inviting feel that promoted customer engagement. We effectively make use of both sides of the back wall to accommodate the variety of accessories that weFix traditionally showcase in their store built environments. The oak is an integral design element that is used to contrast the warmth against the solid surfaces of the kiosks counters.

wefix_capegate_42 wefix_capegate_45 wefix_capegate_47 wefix_capegate_51


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