When people engage in unique and
unconventional environments, great things can happen...

Who We Are

Who We Are

Whaam believes in the power of human relationships. Our unique South African identity drives our passion for bringing people and brands together to engage in unique and unconventional environments. Creativity and integrity is how we build these connections.

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What We Do

What We Do



We learn everything about you. We work together to develop and define project goals and never forget about the future.


Now that we’ve learnt about you, we put pen to paper. We strive to create the best ideas that compliment your brands identity and always include you in the process.


You’ve been inspired by the creativity, and it’s time to bring it to life. We manage your campaign from build through to the implementation process. Now let’s get ready for the next one…


Face-to-face marketing

  • Exhibition Design
  • Online to Offline Strategy
  • Brand Activations

Unconventional Retail

  • Pop-Up Retail
  • Shop in Shop and Shopper Kiosks
  • Visual Merchandising Displays

Our Work

Our Work

Take a look at our latest projects.

WEFIX our work-front

WeFix | Buitensingel

The main objective was to create an environment that would help strengthen the relationships between the brand and its respective customers and to create an inviting space for people to interact within.


Transparency, Warmth and communication are the key pillars behind the design thinking. The use of full length glass divisions to open up the space and create an open and trusting feel between the back of house technical repair area and the front of house retail environment. The mix of natural raw materials against high end well finished surfaces and the introduction of living plants in the space to create a balanced harmony and bring a sense of warmth to a traditionally stark and artificial tech based industry.

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SD our work-front

SD Direct | Power & Electricity World Arica



Clean, elegant and modern,

This was the tone set by the stark white, open-plan structure that WHAAM Concepts designed for the South African Solar company SD Direct Pro at Power & Electricity World Africa held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The use of white on white along with the well-placed LED halo lighting gave a clean and simple look without being too invasive to the viewer.


The high gloss surface reflected all the elements on display and helped to give a sense of weightlessness to the space. The elongated back wall included a combination of satin white and SD Direct Pro’s pantone grey. The use of angular faceted fronts on the bulkhead area brought in an eye-catching, modern look and helped to separate the structure as its own. It was a very exciting space to design, as we had to constantly try to achieve a clean feel that reflected the simplicity and design of the SD product and service offering. The activation was a great success and received a lot of attention at the show.






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